Chipotle is the forerunner when it comes to fast casual dining. Besides removing the GMO ingredients from their menu, they also promised to improve the already high quality of their food by cutting down on the preservatives in their salt-laden tortillas. Because we know you’ll be taking a trip to Chipotle before that happens, try this chicken salad instead. 

Price $350.00
  • 20 Min

  • 2 Serve

  • 285 Kcal

Ingredients &

  • Carrot
  • Tomato
  • Salt
  • Garlic
  • Chillys
  • Corn
  • 1pc Carrot
  • 2pc Tomato
  • 1pc Salt
  • 2pc Garlic
  • 1pc Chillys
  • 2pc Corn


Guacamole Homemade Croutons

It might seem like a hassle to bake croutons when there are plenty of varieties on the shelf at the grocery store, but it’s shockingly easy to make your own.The flavorful, green dip usually makes an appearance at summer cookouts, football tailgate parties, and of course, taco Tuesday night. You guessed it: guacamole. While almost everyone agrees that the irresistible appetizer is a surefire crowd-pleaser, some folks disagree on what ingredients to put in guacamole.

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