Get The Body of Victoria’s Angels With These 5 Tips

Still wondering what Victoria’s Secret Angels such as Adriana Lima and Lily Aldridge did to achieve their beautiful physiques? Well, there is no secret that these amazing models have made the world realize that every person has some hidden beauty and the only way to get it out is to work hard. Victoria models don’t waste time sitting on their couches or eating anything that comes their way. To reach where they are today, they had to maintain a healthy lifestyle that aimed to benefit their overall well-being. Each and every other day, they work with personal trainers as well as nutrition experts whose jobs are to ensure that the models exercise as recommended and eat healthily.

Here are some great tips from Victoria’s Secret angels that will help you achieve your desired physique.

  1. Exercise

Exercise always works for everything, and achieving a body like what you see with Victoria’s models isn’t an exception. Each and every day, Victoria models have to engage in a variety of exercises that aim to shape their body. If you are into a structured online course, we recommend checking out this Old School New Body reviews.

Here are some of them

  • Arms Exercises – To look like a Victoria Angel, you need to get rid of flabby arms. You can try exercises such as light triceps dips, regular pushups, triceps kickbacks, triceps extensions and more. But don’t forget that these are also the same exercises that will help build muscles. So, don’t do much. If you have a flabby arm, aim for two sets of 8 reps for each exercise.
  • But workouts – Not everyone is blessed with an amazing booty, but you can always achieve with much ease by exercising. Butt exercises are intended to help you achieve a well-rounded big butt, just like Victoria models. You can try a variety of exercises such as Hip-lift progression, Squat plus kick back, dumbbells squats, lunges, Plie and more. Again, don’t overdo them.
  • Leg workouts – As you’ve seen, Victoria models have well-toned legs. They achieve this by performing a variety of exercises that targets a several of muscle groups in their lower body. Some of these exercises include squats, calf raises and more. But just like when performing Arm exercises, you don’t need to bulk up. So, avoid equipment as much as possible because they will build muscle.
  • Core workouts – Achieving a flat tummy is quite challenging, especially for mothers who have given birth, but with the right workout routine and diet plan, nothing is impossible. Core workouts are intended to burn the fat around your belly to achieve a flat tummy. You can engage in a variety of exercises such as Nose to knee crunch, Prone oblique roll, back extension leg raise and more.
  1. Stick to the right diet plan

Even if you can stick to a vigorous workout routine, it would be hard to achieve a body like what you see with these models if all you eat is junk fatty and sugary foods. To achieve a desirable physique, you have to learn how to maintain the fat in your body at correct levels. And the only way you will make this happen is by eating healthily. Try maintaining three meals per day, avoid skipping meals, and avoid overeating at night. Most importantly, reduce the amount of sugary and fatty foods you eat and increase the amounts of vegetables and fruits.

  1. Sleep well

According to studies, your body burns more calories when you sleep that when you are alert. Some recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Chicago proved that sleeping well encourages your body to lose weight by boosting fat loss and burning more calories. Also, sleeping earlier may prevent you from eating snacks at night.

  1. Manage stress

If you are one of those people who picture food as a stress reliever, then it is time you do something. Studies have shown that cortisol which is also a stress hormone can increase appetite and make it harder for you to deal with cravings. As a result, you will find yourself eating more often which is not only bad for your health but will also make it hard for you to reach a healthy weight. If you want to look like Victoria models, think of how to deal with stress before it ruins you. Drop the habits that encourage stress such as working too hard even when you are not required to and more. Also, you can keep stress away by engaging in certain activities such as meditation, yoga and more.

  1. Drink more water

Water improves the way the blood circulates throughout your body improving your metabolism as well as the functionality of your organs. If you don’t take the required amounts water, it will be hard for your body to perform a variety of activities that includes burning fat and more. Due to this, you will have a hard time losing weight which might prevent you from achieving a desirable physique. So, drink as much water as possible.


Apparently, Victoria angels did not achieve their fantastic looks by spending hours in their houses doing nothing. They had to work for it day and night. They didn’t take short cuts or make excuses. They stuck to what their trainers and nutritionist told them, and as you can see, they succeeded. So, invest in some training shoes, create a workout routine and a diet plan. Also, start drinking more water, avoid junk foods, learn how to manage stress and most importantly, sleep well. Lastly, make use of the tips mentioned in this article as much as possible.