Get a Bikini Body in Less Than Three Weeks with This Meal Plan

If you think bikini season came too early, you are not alone. Many people out there are struggling to slim down to avoid summer embarrassments. But one fact is; no matter what you do, watching your diet is always the best shortcut. Read all about it at 3week diet review.

From low-fat, and healthy meals to fat burning foods, these meal plan will help you achieve a bikini body in less than three weeks.

Breakfast options

Oatmeal and peanut butter

Prepare some oatmeal as usual and mix it with some peanut butter and have it for breakfast.

How you will benefit

Oatmeal is rich in fiber that will keep hunger away by filling you up. Since it is also among the foods that help burn fat, you can take it in the morning before you start exercising. Also, it doesn’t increase the levels of sugar in your body. On the other hand, peanut butter will help curb your appetite and prevent you from overeating.

Egg scramble, broccoli, and toast

Chop and cook your broccoli as usual. Prepare two scrambled eggs and sprinkle one tablespoonful of grated parmesan. Have it with a slice of wheat toast.

How you will benefit

Eggs are known for their protein that will keep you full until lunch. On the other hand, broccoli is rich in fibers and low in calories and many other nutrients that will help you lose weight.

Yogurt, peanut butter, and banana

Peel one banana, cut it into two and spread a tablespoon of peanut butter on its one side. Cut it into rounds, place it into a bowl and then add a half cup of yogurt and lastly, top it with banana slices.

How you will benefit

Yogurt is one of the best foods that will help you get leaner and lose weight quickly. Bananas, on the other hand, contain fiber plus resistant starch that has been proven increase weight loss.

Lunch options

Tuna, Chickpea, and corn

Mix half a cup of canned corn, half a cup of chopped tomato, half a cup of chickpeas, a tablespoon of chopped red onions and add 3 ounces of light tuna seasoned with pepper and salt.

How you will benefit

Tuna is rich in proteins and vitamins and has lower levels of calories. It is also packed with water that curbs hunger. Chickpea is rich in a variety of nutrients and is low in calories. It is packed with protein and up to 22 grams of energy carbs.

Tofu salad

Whisk together, almond butter, garlic and soy sauce then toss with snow peas and tofu topped with sesame seeds and then serve with crackers.

How you will benefit

Tofu is rich in protein that is better compared to red meat. It is also low in calorie. Having tofu salad for lunch will not only help lose weight but will help curb your appetite until supper.

Chicken salad with spice

Mix a tablespoon of lemon juice, four tablespoonful of Dijon mustard, half medium chopped celery stalk, some black pepper and a cup of roasted chicken breasts without the skin.

How you will benefit

Skinless chicken is known to be low in calories and will keep you full until supper. It is also rich in healthy proteins and other nutrients that will encourage weight loss.

Dinner options

Beef and vegetable salad

Prepare your quinoa, as usual, then toss with broccoli, greens, pepper and beef. Lastly, dress with vinegar and oil.

How you will benefit

Meat is a better source of protein that will help reduce your cravings for fatty foods. Having it for dinner will prevent you from waking up to have an after-dinner snack. By having beef and vegetable salad, you get up to 320 calories.

Chicken with sweet potato and mushrooms

Top your chicken with chives, oil, and mushrooms and bake it for approximately, 20 minutes. Lastly, place some potatoes in a microwave for 8 minutes.

How you will benefit

As mentioned earlier, chicken is rich in protein that will help keep hunger away for many hours preventing you from overeating at night. Sweet potatoes have a lower glycemic index and are best for your blood sugar level. Having this recipe for supper will help you lose weight faster.

Spaghetti with soybeans and pasta

Fry chopped onions and peppers until they are translucent and then top with a dish of boiled soybeans with pasta.

How you will benefit

This meal comes with healthy amounts of calories and will keep you loaded for the rest of the night.

The final words

This meal plan is intended to help you control the calories that are getting into your body. But that doesn’t mean that you eliminate exercising out of the equation. If you want to achieve a bikini body in less than three weeks, add some exercise.